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by Zlatko Cosic

"Fifteen years after the war ended, I felt it was time to address the past. As the result of the war, I lost my Yugoslavian identity and refused to follow others in choosing national and religious affiliations, which were only worsening the conflict. The neutral position I chose partially inspired my work Only The Chimney Stays. The fragmentation of the visuals and sounds are reflections of the displacement of people, experiences and the way we process memories. The poetic narrative is the recollection of my personal experience and the effects of not belonging here or there. Mixed with uneasy memories is a simple beauty, which moves me forward to fully enjoy my life but still be aware of the issues that surround us."

Video, Sound, Editing: Zlatko Cosic; Photography: Rachel Cosic, Zlatko Cosic and Ivo Cosic; Song: "Equinox" by John Consiglio (John Consiglio: guitars, radio, FX and Charlie Dent: percussion loops)

Zlatko Cosic is a video artist born in Banja Luka, Yugoslavia. Cosic's work spans from short films, video, and sound installations to theater projections and live audio-visual performances. The themes of his work often relate to issues of identity, immigration, and the complexity of living in a new environment, concentrating on the necessity to embrace cultural differences and establish dialogue among people. Cosic's artwork has been shown in over thirty countries, for which he has received a variety of recognition.