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Towards a Nomad Cinema

[2013 - 2018]

The Projection Room at The Unstitute is a strategic step towards altering the relationship between artist and audience via the medium of the Website. We began by creating a pseudo-space for showing experimental videos; works are selected on the basis of their ability to provoke interesting reactions or engagements with the viewer, whether in a positive or negative fashion. Along with The Cutting Room, (a project space for curators to present works produced by the Department of Fictions) The Projection Room forms part of the visual landscape of The Unstitute.




Highly sensitive machines are used by technicians at The Unstitute for selecting videos. These machines almost always disregard videos that stand on technical merit alone, or which deploy conventional standards and attitudes. The Projection Room is a place of difference.

Unfortunately, many videos [sub]mitted to The Projection Room are rejected due to the limitations of the schedule. Sometimes, these [sub]missions coagulate and form new outgrowths of their own in the [dis]Corporate Bodies project, although sometimes they do not go anywhere and are rejected altogether. You will be contacted in either case to let you know the outcome of your [sub]mission.

The Projection Room itself is an outgrowth of The Unstitute architectures which as a whole constitute an Evolving Interactive Environment (EIE). This is reflected in the various ‘states’ of change through which it passes, towards no particular end point. Your [sub]missions influence both the growth or decay of The Unstitute.