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by The Unstitute

A rare interview with anarchivist CADE and a curator Bettany Unction about NEO LONDON - a major 100+ pages archival project commissioned by The Unstitute to house materials collected by the irregular urbanist CADE during the London Crisis of late 2012. Consisting of a diverse array of videos, sound recordings, topographical data and other supporting evidence, the archive charts the Crisis from its insignificant beginnings to the veritable collapse of the social order. Offering a unique document of behavioural changes in the citizenry, physical irregularities in the city itself and the government policies used to contain the crisis, CADE’s research exposes an event which might as well have never occurred.

"When I first arranged to meet CADE for an interview regarding his project which is now known as “Neo London” I had to wait a long time. I had been led to believe that he was ever precise in time-keeping, and it was certainly an inconvenience for me to have to wait in Café Reality on the Old Kent road, (the only place anyone ever meets CADE by prior arrangement,) for over three hours on a drab Tuesday morning. The meeting itself had been difficult to organise because, amongst other things, CADE has no permanent residence and the only way to meet him is by leaving messages in likely places all over town - in bus shelters, old-fashioned East End public houses, sacks of refuse, under loose paving slabs or in those corners where things collect - but even this system is not entirely reliable, for CADE variegates the range of his territory and one can never say with certainty the places he is likely to be sniffing around. It was with no small feeling of delight when I eventually received the letter of acknowledgment some weeks later, slipped under my door and characteristically sealed with phlegm."
Bettany Unction / Chief Curator