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by The Unstitute

15th June - 15th July 2017

In November 2015 The Unstitute dug a tunnel from London, UK to Auroville, India - an experimental community dedicated to human consciousness.

After the monsoon rains broke in December 2015, The Unstitute encountered Marcin, a nomad who had just arrived in Auroville, Tamil Nadu, having travelled from Manali, Himachal Pradesh (2,866 km) on a budget of £2.85. Talking briefly about the history of this wonderful place, Marcin described to us the founding of Auroville in 1968; how Mirra Alfassa (known as The Mother) put her finger on a map of barren Union land where there existed nothing but a banyan tree, and from which her acolytes began to create the future city of Auroville, set within a hand-planted forest which now counts over one million mature trees. This experimental video was recorded on the afternoon we met, serving as our only memory of the Polish wanderer.

Our exploration of the Tropical Dry Evergreen forest, planted by the Aurovillians, lead The Unstitute hither and thither, like in a stream of consciousness, culminating in a multimedia project NEO INDIA. Incorporating soundscapes made out of ambient sounds of the jungle, local festivals and concert recordings collected during our culturally rich 5 months residency at Auroville Radio, encounters with many fascinating people, interviews with locals and guests, a photographic suspense novel- Tropical Noir, The Unstitute had some of the most enriching and diverse experiences during our nomadic experiment.

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