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by The Unstitute

15th April - 15th May 2017

"When I woke up one morning, looking out at the sun-scorched landscape and the faraway mountains, I could suddenly see her. The image, fully exposed to daylight, formed before my eyes and glowed as if through a strange prizm. The image of her reflected in my retina for a long time, and afterwards, continued wedging itself in, forming and reforming the landscape of my daily existence..."

This month, The Unstitute presents a new video from the 'New Town' interactive environment.

New Town is an online environment constructed by deep cover operatives in a small Catalunyan village, exploring and presenting in detail 'the daily goings on' in the place. The material is then translated by intensities of feeling, occuring at these micro-events into the archival digital constallation of 'New Town'- a radical internet architecture.

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